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Reiki is a beautiful energy modality that gets you centered again and back on track with life. With Reiki, I put my hands over and on the body to direct the energy flow. It is NOT a massage but PURE LOVING HEALING ENERGY HEALING with Reiki and combined with Quantum Touch.

I have been practicing Reiki since 2009, and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Do you have pain and want to feel great again?

Or maybe you're a Medical Mystery?

 REIKI with Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch

combined with Reiki

I use many different healing techniques to help you get back on track, regain your balance and feel great again. 

Watch Kristofer talk about Reiki.

  • Reiki with Quantum Touch
  • Chakra Reading (how your body is doing)
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing ( Singing Bowl + Tuning Forks )
    *** If guided to do so on you
  • 16 Tarot Cards ( On request )
  • Your Aura Colour Reading  and what the colour means

Investment: $105 includes tax 

** You are NOT just in and out with Reiki with Quantum Touch. You have time to ask questions you may have and discuss how your session went. You have time to reflect, and relax.


I only do 15 minutes of Reiki because I combine it with Quantum Touch. This is a very strong healing energy, so any longer than 15 minutes may cause dizziness .

You will feel very blissful and peaceful. Some people say they feel like they are on a cloud – really deeply relaxed.

After a session of Reiki with Quantum Touch, your body goes through a detox. Once in a blue moon you might have a sick-like symptoms. If that happens, drink lots of water and have an Epsom salt bath.

Ready to get started on your path to healing?

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Above Faking Sanity in Studio 6, Suite 5, 10206 10th St., Dawson Creek, BC

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Phone: 250-219-2827